WOD - 3.14.18

Strength4 Sets of a Superset

1a) 10 e/arm: single arm DB bench press (great exercise to help build push up strength and core strength)

*free arm has no weight in it

1b) 6 seated box jumps (https://youtu.be/UNGZ3hCJZfQ) great exercise to get full hip extension for lifts, and gymnastic movements Conditioning

8 Minute EMOM

Odds: 5 DL (225/155)

Evens: 8 HSPU

Rest 2 Minute Transition

Complete 100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) For Time Starting at Minute 10:00

*Every Minute on the Minute Including Minute 10:00 (Starting Time) Stop and Complete 3 Burpees before Continuing