WOD - 7.12.16

Strength: Back squat 5 x 8 at 70-80%

Conditioning: 15 Minute AMRAP: 200 m run (every 100m counts as 1 rep for scoring) 20 Wall Balls 25 KBS

BOOT CAMP 5 Rounds 10 cals on Bike (easiest if you bring bike outside)

1 suicide sprints (outside curb to end of blacktop, (back) curb to end of concrete (back) curb to curb and back)

21-15-9 wallballs swings (each leg) single leg lunge jump ( one foot on box- lunge and jump) decline push-ups off box

400 meter run

20 Burpees 20 scooter pikes 20 single arm kb push press

400 meter run