Meet the Coaches

Tyler Erlandson

Owner | Head Coach


Brandon Rhoades

Brandon grew up playing sports throughout his entire childhood, but focused specifically on Wrestling, Football, Track, and Gymnastics while in high school. During that time, he developed a love for physical fitness and working out. A full time firefighter and paramedic by profession, Brandon has a deep passion for helping others and putting a smile on anyone’s face. He loves to bring the energy to the class, and makes sure that everyone involved is getting the best workout possible. Certification: CrossFit Level 1


David Garcia

Certification: CrossFit Level 1


JJ Fioretto

Certification: CrossFit Level 1


Kelley Haines

My athletic career began when I was 3 years old, putting on my first tutu and pair of ballet slippers. Growing up I played sports in park district recreation leagues while keeping up with dance.

When I was 13 years old I underwent a spinal fusion for scoliosis. Despite my new limited mobility, I didn’t give up on sports. I continued playing basketball and softball through high school.

When I went away to college in 2006, I would now self-identify as a cardio junky accumulating quite a bit of time on all of the cardio equipment in the gym. Although the weights intrigued me, I didn’t quite know how I should be using them so I stayed away. I then started picking up group fitness classes such as kickboxing and Zumba to add to my cardio regimen that began to bore me (I will admit I read quite a bit of books on the elliptical in those days). It was from one of my instructors that I found CrossFit.

My first strength movement was snatch and my first workout was completely modified to avoid movements I was not yet introduced to. It was that day that I started to get the taste of competition and motivation to push myself beyond limits I knew existed, although I was not yet sold that I would maintain physical shape with solely doing CrossFit. About 6 months later, I was all in. I did my first competition, signed up for a second and decided I had a passion to help motivate others to reach their goals and push to be their best

Today, I am in the best physical shape of my life, am lifting more than I thought possible, continue to set and reach new goals and have found great support and friendships through the CrossFit

CrossFit has had such an impact on my overall life, an experience that I want to share with others! Certification: CrossFit Level 1