What does a typical Group Class look like?

We perform functional movements at a high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout in an hour. Classes are instructor-led and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation. Workouts are constantly varied and unique, ensuring that you always make progress. We combine a variety of fitness elements such as: gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, rowing, and running. Some workouts are done for time, others for maximum number of reps.The possibilities for CrossFit workouts are endless! Monday, you could be doing push-ups, squats, and pull-ups. Tuesday, you could be doing box jumps, presses, and jump-rope. We have a huge number of exercises to choose from, so working out never becomes routine!  Each workout lasts no longer than 60 minutes.

What is a typical Workout of the Day (WOD)?

The WOD combines the following in a constantly varied, seemingly random fashion:

  1. Weightlifting/Power Lifting (Deadlifts, clean, squat, presses, jerks, snatch)

  2. Gymnastics (Pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, handstands)

  3. Mono-structural Cardio (Run, bike, row, swim, jump rope)

Getting Started

1. Learn the Movements

If you want to try our workouts on for yourself, you can start immediately. Go back to home page and check out our daily Workouts. These will give you a good example of the style of our training and classes. However, be forewarned, these workouts were designed for elite athletes and are very difficult – we have a few suggestions for getting started.

2. Start Easy

Get through the workout. Modify it any way you need to – split up a high repetition set into many low rep sets, reduce the weights, reduce the volume or distances.

3. Make the WOD a Habit

Three days on, one day off; or Five days on, two off. Consistency is the key, not so much intensity at first. Be consistent.

4. After the First Month

Start increasing the intensity of your workout. Many people ask the question, “Is the Workout of the Day really all I need to do?” The answer is emphatically “YES” – that is, when you are able to complete it going as hard and fast as possible. Your goal is to attack every workout and tear it to shreds. It should CRUSH you!

World Class Fitness

This high intensity is part of the design of CrossFit and is required to get the full benefits. At these high intensities, your body will respond / recover with a very high neurological and endocrine (hormonal) adaptation (neuroendocrine response). This is the “secret” behind the ability of the Workout of the Day, in very often 20 minutes or less, to enable you to develop world-class fitness!