Meet Our Coaches

CrossFit Kilter’s coaching staff is made up of certified athletes who have chosen to help our members reach their individual fitness goals.



I started CrossFit in 2017 and became the owner of Kilter in 2018.

CrossFit is a life changing sport that anyone can be successful at. My goals are to become the strongest athlete that I can be while also leading my athletes to a place of injury-free, personal peak performance.

We are physically capable of so much more than we think, and CrossFit is an incredible tool to prove this to ourselves.


Head Coach


I started at CrossFit Kilter in 2014, but had been doing CrossFit-style workouts since 2013. I have been coaching CrossFit for a little over 6 years, Since October of 2015. Outside of CrossFit I am an IT Operations/Project Manager. 

My personal fitness related goals have recently changed, focusing more on sustaining health and strength over time. I’m currently in a transition phase from being a more competitive athlete to one who is more focused on injury prevention and longevity. It’s been more mentally challenging than physically to adjust, as I have always set high expectations for myself as an athlete. I will always find ways to push intensity, but now it’s more of understanding when and how often.

My goal as a CrossFit coach is to provide a safe, comfortable, and motivating environment for all member athletes to exceed their fitness goals and confidence, both inside the gym and out.

It is such a pleasure to be a CrossFit coach at Kilter. The ability to lead, motivate, and watch members learn, grow, adapt, build strength, and improve their overall lives is something you really can’t find anywhere else. CrossFit and the community around it is so much more than just the competitions and the things you see in the media. Each member’s fitness goals are different from another’s. In any given class, you may have people who are trying to PR their Olympic lifts, people recovering from injuries, and people who are trying to get over the fear of jumping on a box. So listening and catering workouts to their goals is something I enjoy the most.



I have been a CrossFit athlete since 2018. I started coaching at Kilter in July of 2021. Outside of CrossFit, I am in school for Clinical Massage Therapy. When I’m not studying or in class, I like to hang out with my family and my dog. My hobbies are going for walks, painting, and listening to music.

My goal as a CrossFit coach is to learn as much as I can to be the best coach for my members. My goal for my members is to help them achieve their fitness goals and help them find their best self in and out of the gym.



I have been “enjoying” the benefits of CrossFit since about 2006. I have been coaching CrossFit since about 2011. Outside of CrossFit, I have been a police officer for 37 years. I am currently the Chief of Police for the Bannockburn Police Department.

My personal goal is to live a long and FIT life. I want to be able to travel all over the world after I retire. As a coach, my ultimate gratification is to have an athlete tell me that I have helped them or that they really learned something from my coaching. I love to see athletes improve their technique, their form, and their fitness level.



I started CrossFit in January of 2017 here at Kilter. I am the newest coach on staff. I started coaching in October of 2021. Outside of CrossFit, I am a certified Physician Assistant, but currently spend my time as a significantly underpaid SAHM.

The goals I have for our members and myself are the same: technique, technique, technique! It keeps us safe and injury-free. It lets us lift heavy faster. It allows us to stand out at competitions and makes dropping in at other gyms a breeze. I want all of our members to feel welcome and I want everyone to have a great time. Finding CrossFit after the age of 40 has had it’s challenges, but it is proof that CrossFit is for everyone! As a coach, I aim to inspire older athletes making Kilter an amazing experience whether you are 22 or 72.



I have been a CrossFit athlete since about 2016. I started coaching in 2021. Outside of CrossFit, I work for Vitamix, selling the world’s best and most reliable blending equipment.

My goals for myself are the same for our members. I want to push you to be comfortable being uncomfortable and pushing the limit. I want each and every member to maximize their true athletic potential and help them compete with themselves daily to be the best they can be.




I have been doing CrossFit since about 2010. I have been coaching since 2021. Outside of CrossFit, I have worked in community relations for a local town for the past 13 years.

Goals for myself are to be consistent and healthy – to continue to improve myself for my job and my quality of life.  Skills I want to achieve are handstand walks and pistols. My goals for the members are to have fun and enjoy coming to the gym.  I want to help members improve their skills and challenge themselves to push hard/harder as well as learn new skills.



I shifted my workout routine to CrossFit so I could focus on what my body can do, rather than only how my body looks, and it’s been a blast! The camaraderie, encouragement, challenge, and coaching at CrossFit Kilter has kept me coming back.

I love learning and teaching. My main job is developing students and music worship teams at The Chapel, so I am excited to add the role of CrossFit coaching to my weekly rhythm as another way to keep learning and help others. My goal for all members at Kilter is to help them enjoy fitness, be safe, and to see that we are all capable of doing hard things!






I’ve been doing crossfit since 2011, began coaching in 2017, and am a 2x quarterfinals athlete. I have experience in tennis, track, weightlifting, and EMT, plus a BS in Kinesiology and Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology.