CrossFit With Confidence

Are you interested in learning the proper mechanics to take you to the next level?

If so, join us at CrossFit Kilter where we offer a special option to athletes who are looking to master the basics and join our CrossFit community!

We understand that learning CrossFit in a group setting might not be for you, and you may prefer to take the course one-on-one with a coach. This can be arranged at a time convenient to you.

CrossFit Kilter offers a one-on-one onboarding program for new members or current members who would like to practice and review the foundational movements.

If you are looking for something new in your fitness routine or maybe you’ve always wanted to try CrossFit…this is for you!

Whether in a group or individual setting, our onboarding program is packed full of knowledge and useful tips, focusing on mechanics and correct techniques at relatively light loads. We teach you the primary movements found in most CrossFit workouts.

Onboarding classes are $120 for two private, 45-minute sessions. These sessions are scheduled between the athlete and coach to suit your schedule.

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